Math 1010

In this class our couse objectives were to have competent algebraic skills for: three by three linear systems with unique solutions; operations with polynomials, radicals, rational expressions, and absolute values; and have competent algebraic and graphic skills for: equations of lines, two by two systems, inequalities, and the quadratic equation. I was able to meet these goals by having a professor who took the time to teach the information in full details. If there was any thing that was not understood, he would take the time to assist any student that needed additional help.

Another course objective was to understand how linear equations, quadratics, systems, radicals, and graphs relate to realistic applications. Throughout the semester the professor showed us different realistic application on how these formulas and problems that can be applied to help with our everyday life’s.

Here is an example of a realistic application that was assigned to our class

Optimizing Production of Skateboards

Homework 6


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