English 1010: Intro To Writing

English 1010: Intro to Writing

Professor: Trenton Mckay Judson

For my english class I was to write a  Position Synthesis paper, which challenges me to move beyond summarizing and annotating the sources on my issue. I will be blending sources that take positions on my issue based on similarities and differences in the ideas they present. My purpose for this paper is to introduce the class to the conversation taking place on my issue and help understand the kind of evidence that supports various poles in that conversation. After reading my paper, we should have a good sense of the issue, a sense of its complexity and a sense of the variety of views I  have researched, as well as the position I take ( “I say”).

Format: MLA
Length: 5-7 pages.
An annotated

Here is my essay I wrote for my final:

                                                                WP#4 2Pac


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