CSIS 1020

CSIS 1020 – Computer Essentials

This class was a hands on course working with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The objective of the course was to learn the basics and essentials of these programs. The course also cover application software, system software, and computer software. Application software is common software operations such as formatting documents,  obtaining help, utilizing resources, and the use of programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. System Software is designed to run the computer’s hardware, the operating system (OS). Computer software is the hardware components of a computer such as CPU, internal or external hard drives, monitor, keyword, mouse, etc…

Overall, the course was very educational. My experience with computers was intermediate, after taking this class my experience has improved to an advance level. I learned how to effectively create spreadsheets, bars and graphs with Excel, word documents with proper citations, headers, footers, and properly formatted documents with Microsoft Word, and how to properly and effectively create presentation with, audio, video, pictures, wordart, and shapes with PowerPoint. This class provided me with education that’ll be helpful for my entire educational and professional career.