FLM 1075

FLM 1075 Screen Writing

The objective of this course was to gain knowledge and experience in understanding and creating story structure and using effective screenplay writing techniques. Some of the assignment assign to learn about effective writing techniques first and foremost was learning how to write a concept for a screenplay. Followed by writing exercises that covered how to write a logline. After these writing assignment we started focusing on the story. We focused the key questions that drive any movie and the questions are:

“What is the dramatic question of the story?”

“What is the main conflict of the story?”

“What is the dilemma of the main character?”

“What is the theme of the story?”

From there we learn how to write character bio through PowerPoint presentation, lectures, and writing exercises. Then, we cover your typical movie structure which is the 3 act structure . All these assignment led to the most exciting part of the class writing our original pieces. We wrote a total of 30 pages for the class, however, that was just to get us starting. Writing is a long-term process that need rewrites and revises until one feels its just right. After every ten pages we gathered in a reading circle and determined what was working for the screenplay and what was not working.  We also did screenplay analysis of major films to better understand what it takes to get a screenplay selected for production. Overall the class was very educational and effective as to how to write a screenplay.

Here is my PowerPoint Presentation assignment:

Drama Presentation